Monday, 14 December 2015

My house

My house  is white but the roof is red.
It has got 2 trees, a door,8 windows  , 4 pumpkins and a fireplace .
My  haunted house has a kitchen with a hanged man and a living room with a dead woman .  

Ari's haunted house

My house is black with a big grey roof with: spiders, spiderwebs, a small window and a fireplace. The house has stick windows, it has a kitchen with  a ghost and an axe, the house has a lot of ghosts and a hanged woman.

My house

My house is black,it has got three windows and one door.
It has got some pumpkins.
My house is a haunted house.
It has a bat at the back of the house.

Friday, 11 December 2015

In your free time .

I asked 24 people at my school about the activities they like doing in their free time. Here are some results of my survey .
23 people like watching TV but 1 person doesn't  like watching  TV .
Many people don't like practise a foreign language .
18  people like scuba diving but 6 people don't like  .
 I was surprised because 23 people like watching TV but 1 person don't like watching TV