Class Dojo

Hello to all the families that follow our blog!
Thanks for showing me your support and understanding when introducing new ideas and methods in my lessons.
As I told you in the parents’ meeting at the beginning of the year, I am trying to introduce some new techniques to improve some behaviors in the English classroom.
We are using the app Class Dojo to record the students’ progress! Two families are already using it and it would be great if the other one could join in too.
Students win and lose points according to their achievements during the lesson.

Each month the students that win more points are showcased on the classroom display wall and they are gifted with a badge in their respective booklet. The badges guarantee the possibility of buying interesting stuff in the marketplace.
You can see the best students in the first term in the collage below, remember that we share wall with fifth graders.

By the teacher,

Isabel Blanco

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